Do you ever walk down the toothpaste aisle and feel overwhelmed by the immense variety? With 2019 just beginning, many people are focusing on physical health and HomeTown Dental Arlington is here to provide you with a toothpaste guide. This comprehensive guide will give you insight into which toothpaste may be best for you and your dental hygiene.

Different Types of Toothpaste

With three top-selling types of toothpaste on the market, it can be hard to know which formula might be best for you and your dental hygiene. The following two are the most common categories of toothpaste:


For anyone looking to build teeth’s enamel and add a layer of protection against years of damage, a toothpaste containing fluoride is a great choice. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can re-mineralize areas where decay has already begun to form from acid or weakened enamel. Even though it can be beneficial, HomeTown Dental Arlington would like to say that swallowing fluoride regularly can be harmful. This type of toothpaste should not be used by children two years or younger.

Sensitive Formula

Have you noticed that your teeth have developed a sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? To fight the pain or discomfort when you drink your hot coffee in the morning or enjoy a cold scoop of ice cream, the best option for you is a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. There is a wide variety of types of toothpaste created to decrease sensitivity and improve the strength of your teeth.

More Isn’t Always Better

Although brushing your teeth is one of the most critical parts of your daily routine and choosing the right toothpaste is a crucial component, using too much toothpaste can do harm. We recommend children three years or younger use toothpaste the size of a grain of rice and children three years and up should use a pea-sized amount.

Next time you go to the store for toothpaste, remember our toothpaste guide to help make your decision a little easier. Your dentists at HomeTown Dental Arlington are always here to answer questions, and don’t forget to schedule your appointment today!

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