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With the new year comes a lot of new things, including deciding on what new procedures you may want or need done to your smile. It’s best to start planning for certain dental procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal, sooner rather than later. In today’s blog, HomeTown Dental’s Mesquite dentist is going over some of the major things to note when scheduling a wisdom teeth removal or any other tooth extraction in Mesquite.

What to Know About Wisdom Teeth

In the past, we’ve written an entire blog over What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth, but we wanted to take a quick second to briefly discuss wisdom teeth again. To start, your wisdom teeth are technically your third and final set of molars, which will usually erupt in your late teens to early twenties. They will often grow in crooked, and when they do, that’s when they necessitate removal. Whether they come in crooked all depends on your specific genetics and jaw structure.

Knowing the Right Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our Mesquite dentist gets asked when it’s the right time to schedule a wisdom teeth removal all the time, and the answer comes down to two things – crowding and timing. The biggest sign that our Mesquite dentist will look for is to see if the wisdom teeth are crowding other teeth. The other component is simply, when will be the best time. Wisdom teeth removal usually takes 3-4 days for recovery, so planning it around a long weekend or school break is ideal if you don’t want your child to miss any school.

Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Once you or one of your family members has gone through wisdom teeth removal, your Mesquite dentist will go over the various things you should and shouldn’t do for the wounds to heal properly. Among those things are getting plenty of rest and simply opening your mouth. Check out our helpful blog for more Tips to Recover After Wisdom Teeth Removal.

If you’re in need of wisdom teeth removal or another tooth extraction in Mesquite, contact your trusted local dentist at HomeTown Dental Mesquite.

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