Wisdom teeth removal is a simple but sometimes delayed experience that the majority of people go through. You may be asking yourself, “Why do I have to have my wisdom teeth removed? What happens if I don’t have them removed?” There is an answer to these common question and your Fort Worth HomeTown Dental dentists are going to answer all of your questions.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The development of wisdom teeth is a part of growing up and typically come in between the age of 17-21 for removal. Because of the location, your wisdom teeth can cause more harm than you probably expect. By allowing the roots to grow, they could attach into the sinus cavities, causing sinus issues. Visiting your HomeTown Dental dentist twice a year is key since they will be able to identify when it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed. Some people are even lucky enough to never need them removed.  

Avoid Long Term Issues

Each year, people spend thousands of dollars on braces and other kinds of orthodontic and dental work throughout their young age. Wisdom teeth can grow in crooked, sideways or the wrong direction, causing a lot of pain. To avoid damaging the investment you’ve already made in your mouth or having to start over, HomeTown Dental suggest having a consultation to see if you need your wisdom teeth removed.

We know that no one likes having to have dental surgery, and even though having your wisdom teeth removed has a relatively quick recovery time, it’s still something you need to plan for. Contact one of the helpful dentists at a Fort Worth HomeTown Dental location to schedule your wisdom teeth removal.

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