Many people cannot even function in the morning without coffee, but they are also more prone to having coffee stained teeth. Whether you are looking for a way to prevent discolorization or finding a way to reverse the outcome of many cups, you are in luck! Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help from becoming a victim of coffee stained teeth.

Drinking Through A Straw

One of the best ways to prevent coffee stained teeth or any discoloring is to drink your drink through a straw. If this is not something you are used to it may seem a little weird at first, but by doing this, you are bypassing the dark-colored drink from touching the teeth.  Another tip is to drink the coffee in one sitting instead of sipping on it throughout the day. 

Prevent Coffee Stained Teeth With Fruit

Did you know that fruit can help remove stains from your pearly whites? It’s true! If you have been looking for a reason to eat more fruits, they are very fibrous and can assist in removing the components that cause stains.

Traditional Teeth Whiting

Before heading to the store for an off the shelf teeth whiting method, it’s important to do your research. The most popular forms are whiting/charcoal toothpaste, whiting strips, a UV light, and whiting trays. It’s important to remember to do any of these methods at night before bed when you know that you are not going to eat or drink again until the next morning. Even though this might be the most convenient option, to see the quickest and highest quality results you should visit your local dentist for professional whitening. 

Always remember that maintaining a daily routine of brushing and flossing will help stop your coffee stained teeth as well as keeping your teeth healthy. If you are interested in professional teeth whiting or need help getting the dark stains off your teeth, contact your local HomeTown Dental today!

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