Medical emergencies happen all the time, and most people know when it’s time to see their HomeTown Dental team. However, it can be less clear when “mishaps” qualify as a trip to an urgent care dentist. We want to talk to you about what a dental emergency is and when it’s time to come in to see your dentist. Here is what an urgent care dentist is at HomeTown Dental:


What is an Urgent Care Dentist?


Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the weekend, our dentists are ready to help you with all kinds of dental emergencies. An emergency dentist will treat situations such as cracked or chipped teeth, knocked out teeth, painful and sore gums, severe toothaches and more! HomeTown Dental is dedicated to our patients well being, and we are proud to offer emergency dental care. 


Fractured Teeth Dental Care


The most common dental care emergency is a displaced or fractured tooth. Teeth can fracture in a number of different ways. There can be trauma where the tooth or teeth are displaced or knocked out that might indicate a tooth fracture. Also, teeth have even been known to crack after dental procedures such as a root canal. If you are suffering from a fractured tooth, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Oral Infection Urgent Care


An extremely serious urgent care dental emergency is an oral infection. If there is swelling around your jawline, under your mouth, or if you have difficulty breathing or swallowing this can be a sign of Ludwig’s Aangina (an infection that occurs in the floor of the mouth, under the tongue). This situation requires emergency medical care because the bacteria from the infection can travel to other parts of the body. 


How do you know if the uncomfortable feeling you’ve had with your teeth is an emergency? The best course of action is to schedule an appointment with your HomeTown Dentist as soon as something feels wrong. And as always, you can rest assured that the HomeTown Dental team is maintaining a clean office following TDA/ADA guidelines. Open appointments are available, contact us today to schedule your visit!

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