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Aside from manual or electric, you may think that every toothbrush is the same, but that isn’t quite the case. In fact, if you choose the wrong type of toothbrush you may be damaging your dental health rather than improving it. That’s why HomeTown Dental’s Fort Worth dentist is going to help you figure out the right kind of toothbrush for you and where your teeth are in life.

Bristle Variety

One of the major differences in toothbrushes are their bristles. They can be soft, medium or firm. While you may think to always go with the firm because it’ll do a better job of scrubbing off any plaque if a brush is too firm, it could actually damage your gums. Our Fort Worth dentist recommends that most people stick with a toothbrush that has a soft or medium bristle variety. This is especially true of babies, children still losing baby teeth and adults that may have bridges or partial dentures. If you use a soft or medium toothbrush and your gums still occasionally bleed, you may simply be brushing too hard.


There used to only be one shape of toothbrush, but now there are dozens, and it may be confusing as to which ones are actually better. Well, the short answer to this is that you want a toothbrush that can easily reach all of your teeth. While a rigid toothbrush may be fine for younger children, as more and more of their teeth come in, you’ll want to switch them to a toothbrush that’s more flexible and agile.

Electric vs. Manual

The biggest question our Fort Worth dentist gets asked about toothbrushes is just this. “Is it better to go with an electric toothbrush or should I just stick with a manual one?” We say that this depends on your age. While an electric toothbrush ensures that your teeth are effectively being brushed, the can be a little rough on unhealthy teeth and gums. So for small children still getting their adult teeth, we would recommend to avoid using an electric toothbrush until all of their adult teeth have come in.

If you’re still unsure about what type of toothbrush is right for you and each of the members of your family, contact your trusted Fort Worth dentist at HomeTown Dental! We can get you in our office and give you all the dental health advice you want, as well as give you a quick check up.

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