toothache causes

OUCH! You just took a drink or bite of food and now you’re in pain. There are multiple toothache causes, but depending on which one it is, the remedy may be as simple as a cleaning or as in-depth as dental surgery. To help you better understand this discomfort, HomeTown Dental’s Irving dentist are explaining some of the most common toothache causes.

Sensitive Teeth

One of the most common causes of a toothache is that you simply have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity occurs when areas of your tooth’s enamel begins to wear away, leaving the highly sensitive nerve endings in your teeth vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures. Take a look at our tips to relieve sensitive teeth from our Irving dentist.

Improper Oral Care

Improper oral care is hands down the most prevalent of all the toothache causes we’re discussing. Improper oral care can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, both of which obviously will cause a toothache. The best way to fight a toothache caused by improper oral care is to come to your trusted Irving dentist at HomeTown Dental for a thorough dental cleaning. However, you also will need to start following a much more structured dental routine.

Teeth Grinding

One of the more unknown reasons for a toothache, teeth grinding can be a hidden dental destroyer. Most people who suffer from teeth grinding don’t even know they do it because it’s commonly done while they’re sleeping. This consistent grinding can really do a number on your teeth and will cause some major dental pain. Your best bets to stop grinding your teeth are to wear a mouthguard when you sleep and to try to reduce stress.

If you’re experiencing a toothache, don’t let it keep getting worse! Come visit your trusted Irving dentist at HomeTown Dental for a thorough checkup and dental cleaning.

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