A tooth injury can happen when you least expect it. We encounter tooth trauma from cracked teeth to experiencing a dead tooth. When you suffer through a tooth injury or tooth trauma, it’s time to call your emergency dentist in Irving. Here are a few of the most common tooth injuries that cause people to call their emergency HomeTown Dental dentist in Irving. 


The Most Common Tooth Injury

Trauma to the face caused by auto accidents, falls or injury involving the head or face is the most common reason for a tooth injury. We have also seen severe tooth injury due to untreated cavities and from biting down on hard surfaces. Fractured teeth due to cavities or bitting hard surfaces are reasons to schedule an urgent care dentist appointment. 


How to Treat A Serious Tooth Injury

A tooth damage can range from minor to severe. Minor tooth fractures involve chipping the enamel and dentin of a tooth. Severe tooth fractures are vertical, diagonal, or horizontal fractures of the tooth and or root. Whether it’s a minor or severe injury, you need to call your emergency dentist in Irving to help you fix any damage. 


What Are Your Treatment Options?

We won’t be able to determine your exact treatment option because we have to assess the severity of your injury. However, some standard treatment options of severe fractures may include a splint that’s bonding to adjacent teeth. A root canal procedure may also be involved based on the severity of your tooth fracture to reduce infection. 

The reasons to schedule an emergency dental visit include broken, infected or dead teeth as well as a chipped or broken tooth. Teeth injuries are a serious matter, and that’s why you can trust your Hometown Dental team in Irving to help you. Do you have a tooth injury that you need to fix? Contact us today to schedule an emergency dental appointment. 


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