With your kid’s costumes on at the break of dawn, they are ready to trick or treat. The real trick is the Halloween treats that damage your kid’s teeth. No need to be spooked! Your Sycamore Pediatric Dentist at HomeTown Dental is here to give you tips and tricks about how to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween. 


Is Halloween Candy a Trick or Treat? Why Halloween Candy Rots Teeth

Many kids believe the perfect Halloween consists of getting buckets of candy. But consuming too much sugar is bad for teeth. Many Halloween treats are starchy, sugary, sticky or acidic. When your child consumes candy, harmful bacteria feeds off the sugar which turns to acid. This means your child’s teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and enamel damage. Some of the worst candy for you is hard, sticky and sour candy. Learn more about which candy is good or bad for your teeth here.


Not Going to Eat a Halloween Treats? That’s Witchful Thinking

Don’t deny candy all together because there are tooth friendly options out there. Some of the best are sugar free! Unsweetened applesauce and sugar free gum are among them. Sugar free gum is proven to help prevent cavities along with brushing your teeth and flossing daily; and applesauce adds dietary fiber. Although it does contain sugar, another great option is chocolate. Chocolate can easily be cleaned out of the mouth, making it less destructive and reducing bad breath. 


Don’t Forget There Are Still Treats That Aren’t Candy

Kids may think Halloween is all about collecting candy, but people do give out trinkets for your kids to enjoy. Play-Doh is a great hands-on treat that continues to spark your child’s imagination after the Halloween holiday. Glow-sticks are a great way to make a costume unique or stand out and can provide light while trick or treating. Pencils are also some things that are a great alternative to candy and they add a little magic to things that your kids use every day. Check out more ways your children can enjoy Halloween without decaying their teeth here.


Don’t let your kid’s teeth be haunted by all those Halloween treats. Schedule a post-Halloween dental cleaning at your local HomeTown Dental today, and rest easy knowing there aren’t any cavity monsters running rampant in their smile. For more information or ideas on how to keep your child’s smile healthy during Halloween, ask our friendly team and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. 


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