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Sugar is everywhere. It’s even in some of the most unlikely foods. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is eating healthy and isn’t getting too much sugar. Not only can it affect their dental health and cause tooth decay, but too much sugar can also greatly affect your child’s overall health. So today, the friendly pediatric dentist at HomeTown Dental has a few tips to help you cut back your child’s sugar intake.

Skip Soda and Juice

While we all know how much sugar is put in sodas, what may surprise you is how much sugar is added to juice. Even all natural juices can have too much sugar for younger children. As for sodas, the average soda has three times as much sugar as a child should have in a single day. The best drinks not only for your child but for you too are milk and water.

Read the Labels

The best way to stay on top of how much sugar your child is consuming is to read the package labels on any foods and drinks that you give them. If the sugar content is immensely high, either find a less sugary alternative, or you can give your child smaller portions.

Stay Away from Sticky Snacks

If the snack is sticky or gummy, it’s safe to assume that it has way too much sugar! It’s best to simply avoid these types of snacks all together has they prevent a slew of dental health issues. Aside from all the sugar, these types of snacks will stick to your child’s teeth and promote cavity growth and even tooth decay!

Lead by Example

Monkey see. Monkey do. If you choose to eat snacks that are low in sugar and provide useful nutrients, then there’s a better chance that your child will be more willing to stay away from super sugary snacks. By cutting out sugar as a whole family, you’ll also see everyone’s overall health improve.

Along with all these tips, your child should also be seeing a pediatric dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and dental health check-ups. If you’re currently looking a pediatric dentist that you can trust, contact your local HomeTown Dental! Our friendly pediatric dentists will make your child feel comfortable and enjoy going to the dentist.

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