Teaching Your Children to Floss


It’s the least practiced and most dreaded dental hygiene activity. Flossing – it’s a necessary activity to keep your teeth nice and healthy. But many parents either can’t find the time to teach their children or forget to all together. That’s why this week, HomeTown Dental is helping you with teaching your children to floss! We’ve got a few tips that will ensure your child maintains their dental health.


When to Start:
Children should start flossing about the time their teeth begin to come in next to each other. Once the surfaces are close, plaque can build up and it’s important to floss and remove the build up. Be sure to teach your children to floss at least once a day to remove plaque and build up, avoiding gum disease and tooth decay.


How to Floss:

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to teach your kids about flossing:

  •  – Hold a short piece of floss and secure it around one finger for better handling.
  •  – Gently insert the floss between the teeth, careful not to use too much pressure. Create a “C” shape and gently move along the sides of the tooth and around the gum line to remove build up.
  •  – Use a new section of floss for each tooth to avoid placing the build up back onto new teeth.
  •  – Brush after flossing to remove any plaque or build up that remains on the tooth surface.


Being sure to floss regularly, brush consistently, and staying current on dental appointments will not only create healthy habits for your children, it will help them learn responsibility. Be sure to book a check-up today at HomeTown Dental!



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