Experiencing severe pain or discomfort because of your teeth is nothing to smile about. At Hometown Dental Sycamore, we know what it means to our patients when we give them the emergency dental care they need. Are you wondering whether or not you need to contact us for a dental emergency? Here are three reasons why you should call us for emergency dental care. 


Emergency Dental Care for Broken Teeth


No one likes the feeling of biting into food or drinking cold water and feeling a sharp pain in their teeth. Noticing that one of your teeth is fractured, broken or feels uncomfortable when rising out your mouth– that’s a good sign that you need an emergency dentist. Since this is an issue that only emergency dentists can solve, schedule an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible. 


Toothache and Discomfort Problems


One of the most common issues we see at HomeTown Dental is toothaches. You can reduce the pain from toothaches by rinsing out your mouth with warm, salted water to help reduce swelling or pain. This remedy will only help for a short period of time. Toothaches are problems that need to be addressed with emergency dental care. So if you experience this, you should contact your dentist in Sycamore today! 


The Red Flag of Bleeding Gums


Bleeding gums is no minor issue. These point to larger problems that we consider as a dental emergency. You can trust your dentist in Sycamore to make sure you get to the root of the problem right away! Lots of people experience bleeding gums from time to time, but if it persists, it must be treated with emergency dental care. Contact us today to schedule an emergency appointment.


Your HomeTown Dental Sycamore team is ready to give you the best emergency dental care. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, this is a sign that you need to see an emergency dentist now. We accept most insurances and provide affordable treatment options for everyone. Your or your family shouldn’t suffer from tooth pain, contact your emergency Sycamore dentist today!


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