dental x-rays from Arlington dentist at HomeTown Dental

There are a lot more to your teeth than meets the eye, and that’s why our Arlington dentist uses dental x-rays to get the full view of your teeth. While HomeTown Dental offers a multitude of dental services, dental x-rays are the best for giving us a complete view. Here are some more things to know about dental x-rays with HomeTown Dental’s Arlington dentist.

Dental X-rays & Pediatric Dentistry

When you think of x-rays, you likely think about the radiation, which can make some parents a little more hesitant to allow their child to get dental x-rays. However, we assure you that the x-rays are completely safe, and they’re truly the most effective way for our Arlington dentist to check on the full progress of your child’s dental development.

Dental X-rays & Pregnancy

While there are plenty of things your doctor will advise you against doing during your pregnancy, getting dental x-rays isn’t one of them. Our x-ray machines use less radiation than traditional x-ray machines and we use plenty of protective safeguards to ensure the safety of both mother and child.

Digital Dental X-rays for Faster Results

Thanks to advances in modern technology, our Arlington dentist no longer has to take your dental x-rays and then wait for the film to be developed to be able to see everything. Now, our dentists can capture your dental x-ray and quickly pull up the image digitally. This means that we can get to the root of any hidden dental issues much quicker than ever before.

Dental x-rays are the best way for your dentist to see your mouth in its entirety. If you think you have a dental issue or simply want to make sure your mouth is still in good health, contact HomeTown Dental’s Arlington dentist today to make an appointment.

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