Crowns, bridges, and veneers, oh my! Restorative dentistry doesn’t have to be a frightening thing to think about. When you come to HomeTown Dental Irving for cosmetic dentistry, you are always under the best care. Dental emergencies are something that not everyone will experience but when you do, how do you know what solution is the best for you? Sit back and let us cover some of the options HomeTown Dental Irving offers.

Crowns to Top it Off

A crown, sometimes called a cap, is a simple solution to restore a tooth to its normal shape, size and function. Many times, crowns are placed on teeth that are cracked, have implants or other cosmetic dental issues. Although the majority of the time they are used for dental health reasons, crowns can be utilized on patients who have teeth that need or want to be reshaped.

Bridges to Fill the Gap

If you’re missing one or two teeth in a row, a bridge might be the solution for you! A bridge, rightfully named, can bridge the gap between existing teeth and fill the space with artificial ones, typically made of porcelain. Many patients who come into HomeTown Dental Irving to receive a bridge are having difficulty chewing or even speaking because of the missing teeth. If this sounds like something that you are experiencing and could benefit from, visit HomeTown Dental Irving to discover if a bridge is right for you.

Veneers to Get Your Confidence Back

If you want to get your confident smile back in just a couple of visits, veneers are the best way for you to achieve it. Veneers are custom shells made to look like your original teeth. This option is perfect for someone with damaged, crooked or decayed teeth. Dental health, including brushing twice and flossing once a day, is essential to maintain throughout the process and afterward.

After you have your cosmetic dentistry work done, be sure to ask us about our teeth whitening to complete your new smile. It is normal to expect your teeth to be anywhere between four to six shades whiter after having this treatment. We recommend all patients maintain an appointment routine of twice a year. Have any questions about these cosmetic dental procedures or anything else we offer? Give HomeTown Dental Irving a call at 817-222-9900 or book an appointment online.  

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