Pediatric dentist's guide to Halloween candy

If you think all those monster costumes are scary, just imagine the horrors happening to your child’s teeth when they devour all that Halloween candy. While we firmly believe that you should still allow your child to enjoy the fun and festivities of getting to go trick-or-treating and then enjoying the spoils of their outing, we also believe there’s a healthy way to do it. That’s why today HomeTown Dental’s pediatric dentist is sharing a quick dental health guide to the various types of Halloween candy your kiddos will be munching on.

Hard Candy

First on our list are all those lovely hard candies that your kids can chomp down in a few second or keep in their mouth for an hour. Hard candy actually presents two dental health dilemmas. If your child bites down on the candy before it’s had time to be broken down by saliva, they could chip, crack or break a tooth. However, when they keep them in their mouth for too long, their teeth are inundated with all that cavity-inducing sugar.


Probably everyone’s favorite type of Halloween candy falls under this category. Lucky for you, HomeTown Dental’s pediatric dentist says that chocolate is probably your safest bet when it comes to Halloween candy. Of all the candies that we’re listing, chocolate is by far the easiest to wash off your teeth.

Sticky/Gummy Candy

Okay, so we all love the occasional gummy bear or taffy, but these sticky and gummy sweats are downright terrible for you and your child’s dental health. It’s extremely difficult to completely consume the candy because it will stick to your teeth and get stuck in between your teeth. That means that unless you fully brush your child’s teeth and floss, all that cavity-causing bacteria will have plenty of time to work.

Sour Candy

All sour candy is either hard or gummy, so it’s best to avoid the Halloween candy that’ll make you pucker. Along with the disadvantages of t being a hard or gummy candy, sour candy is also usually quite acidic. The exposure to highly acidic and super sugary candy puts the tooth’s enamel in grave danger of being weakened, making your kids more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

Keep your kiddos in the best dental health possible this Halloween candy season, and bring them to a pediatric dentist you can trust. With nine HomeTown Dental locations throughout North Texas, you’re sure to find one of our expert pediatric dentists near you.

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