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Root Canals
HomeTown Dental can help you with root canals. We have specialists waiting to assist you.

HomeTown Dental is focused on making a positive impact on our patients’ dental health. We can ease your pain!

Do you have a toothache that never seems to go away? If so, you may be in need of a root canal. Don’t fear! We use the latest dental technology during every procedure we perform on patients.

Here are some facts about root canals:

What Are Root Canals?

A root canal is a dental treatment that removes diseased pulp from inside a tooth.

Why Are Root Canals Performed?

When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected it causes swelling and pain. Removing and resealing the tooth eases a patient’s dental pain and prevents future dental problems.

What Causes Pulp to Become Infected?

There are many causes to a tooth becoming infected. The most common reasons include a bad cavity and dental injuries (chipped/cracked teeth).

Why Won’t my Tooth Ache Go Away?

If you have a toothache that just won’t go away, it could be infected! Once you have it, there is no way around it, the only solution is to go to your dentist and have them diagnose the problem. Luckily our Dentists at HomeTown Dental provide expert examinations and treatment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Call us today! 682-204-5777.

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