There is nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable than a mouth infection. There are many different types of mouth sores and infections, and your HomeTown Dental team is here to help! Some are common and easy to treat, while others can be severely serious. If you believe you are suffering from mouth infection symptoms, it is crucial to visit a dentist in Irving to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. 


Diagnosis from Your Dentist

It is essential to schedule a dentist appointment if you develop mouth infection symptoms. The earlier you catch and treat an infection, the better.  At HomeTown Dental Irving, our dentists will check your mouth, tongue and glands for signs of infection. Early detection and proper diagnosis are most important for your health because untreated infections can lead to long term issues. 


Mouth Infection Treatment

If diagnosed with a mouth infection, it is essential to follow through with treatment. There is an array of mouth infection remedies, including over-the-counter medicines and topical treatments to ease the pain. We can prescribe antibiotics and antifungal medications to treat bacterial infections such as Thrush and Sialadenitis. There are many medications used to treat viral infections of the mouth as well.


How to Prevent Infections

In order to avoid dental infections, prevention is vital. We always recommend visiting your dentist twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning and comprehensive exam. It is also important to know the signs of mouth infections and visit your dentist as soon as possible. Above all, taking simple steps to maintain your dental health can drastically help you avoid developing mouth infections.


At HomeTown Dental Irving, we strive to help patients with the prevention and proper care of mouth infections. If diagnosed with an infection, there are many treatments available to ensure you get your healthy smile back! To make sure your dental health is in top shape, schedule an appointment with HomeTown Dental Irving. We would love to help you feel happy and healthy because it’s our pleasure to do so. 

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