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Trying to find a good family dentistry near you can be hard sometimes. However, if you live in Mesquite, Texas, then you have a great Mesquite dentist right in your own backyard! HomeTown Dental’s Mesquite dental group is here to take care of every member of your family regardless of their dental health needs.

General Family Dentistry

When it comes to looking after your family’s general dental health, HomeTown Dental’s Mesquite dentist is committed to helping you and your family maintain those pearly whites! By making sure that everyone in your family is coming in twice a year for a bi-annual checkup and dental cleaning, our Mesquite dental group will keep your family smiling!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Time and time again we’ve talked about how beneficial cosmetic dentistry can be not only for your dental and overall health, but also your confidence. If you or a family member have a damaged or missing tooth/teeth, our Mesquite dentist can give you a crown or bridge, and if necessary, you may be able to opt for veneers. Aside from those cosmetic dentistry procedures, our Mesquite dental group also offers teeth whitening.


For the older members of your family that have begun to have trouble with their teeth and are missing most, if not all, of their natural teeth, HomeTown Dental has them covered! Our Mesquite dentist is also an expert in prosthodontics and dentures. Losing your teeth is a sad side-effect of aging. However, our friendly Mesquite dental group can make it look like you never lost them!

The next time you’re looking for a great family dentistry in Mesquite, TX, make sure to remember the friendly Mesquite dental group here at HomeTown Dental! If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our Mesquite dentist, contact us now.

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