HomeTown Dental Smarter Smiles

If you’ve been on the HomeTown Dental website recently, you’ve probably seen the new section titled ‘Smarter Smiles.’ We started this new segment because as a family dentist, HomeTown Dental knows that you depend on us to help keep your family in peak dental health.

So, what is Smarter Smiles?

Smarter Smiles is the newest section of the HomeTown Dental website that offers a more in-depth look into the many areas and factors of dental health. Rather than just providing nifty dental health tips and exceptional dental services, we also wanted to share our knowledge about more specific topics that we get asked about all the time from our patients.

What’s on Smarter Smiles?

Simply put, Smarter Smiles is filled with healthy advice from our family to yours! Think of it like the ABCs of dental health. We cover all topics from Cavities and Oral Cancer to Breastfeeding and Teeth Grinding. If you’re looking for the details to a specific oral subject, then this is the place to look. While you can still Google your dental health questions, wouldn’t you rather get your information from your trusted, local family dentist?

Getting Smarter Smiles every week!

To make sure you have as much information as you can have to help your family keep up their superb dental heath, HomeTown Dental posts in Smarter Smiles twice a week! This way you always have plenty of great dental health info to refer to when you have a quick question or concern.

Stay in the know and be an active contributor in maintaining your entire family’s dental health. While reading our bi-weekly blog and Smarter Smiles is a great start, you can never beat actually coming to your family dentist. Contact your local HomeTown Dental today to schedule an appointment with your local dental expert.

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