Foods that can destroy dental health

The food we eat is a fine balance between good for us and bad for us, especially in terms of our dental health. Earlier this week, HomeTown Dental talked on healthy foods that build healthy teeth, and now we’re going to discuss the worst, and sometimes unhealthy, foods that can destroy your dental health.

Too Much Citrus

While many citrus fruits have a lot of dental health benefits, too much citrus can become very harmful to your teeth and gums. Citrus fruits tend to be quite acidic, and all that acid can easily work to decay your tooth enamel. If you want to keep enjoying all those great, refreshing citrus fruits, just make sure that you’re also drinking plenty of water to wash the acid off your teeth.

Sticky Foods

When it comes to your dental health, sticky foods are public enemy number one! Sticky foods are immensely bad for your teeth because they’re just that – sticky foods. Even sticky foods like dried fruit can be harmful because it sticks to your teeth and allows for the cavity-causing sugars and bacteria to go crazy.


Do you or your spouse depend on a cup of coffee or two to get through your morning? While a plain cup of coffee has several health benefits, many can’t resist adding sugar or drowning it in flavored creamers that can make coffee harmful to your dental health. However, even plain coffee can still stain your teeth and dry out your mouth.

Starchy Foods

In today’s world, it can be a little hard to avoid all those tasty, starchy foods like potato chips. However, all that starch can easily get stuck between your teeth and quickly builds up plaque and increases your chances of cavities or tooth decay.

While we aren’t saying that you can’t have these food items at all, we are saying to exercise caution when eating these foods and use best dental hygiene practices. If you’re a lover of all these foods and want to make sure that your dental health is still going strong, contact your local HomeTown Dental today to make an appointment with one of our dental care experts.

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