Let us help you protect your child’s smile with a customized Fierce Mouthguard; now available at Home Town Dental.


Did you know? The ADA currently recommends custom mouth guards for the following sports:  Acrobatics, Football, Martial Arts, Skiing, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Racquetball, Skydiving, Water Polo, Boxing, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Discus, Ice Hockey, Shot Putting, Squash, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Skateboarding and Surfing.

Curious about Fierce Mouthguards? Here are some of our favorite features and benefits:

1. In addition to the chipped tooth injury that you would typically think of, Fierce mouth guards can help prevent lip, cheek and chin lacerations, displaced teeth, permanent jaw joint injury, neck injuries and concussions.

2. Fierce Mouthgards come in 6 different levels of protection to provide safety from low intensity sports to heavy contact sports like kickboxing.

3. Fierce Mouthguards offer 10 times MORE protection than off-the-shelf mouth guards.

4. Fierce Mouthguards are available in 27 standard colors and limitless custom designs. Show school pride by designing one in your school colors!

5. Fierce Mouthguards work great for kids with braces! Using custom molds, they are built to fit your bite specifically so they are both safe and comfortable.

Let’s make this sports season a safe and enjoyable one with Fierce Mouthguards. Contact us today for an appointment to schedule a fitting. What sport does your active child play?

Fierce Mouth Guards at Home Town Dental