Did you know? Home Town Dental offers orthodontics (braces) at certain locations. Braces can often seem like a very daunting process due to the expense and the duration that are involved. Depending on the age of the person getting braces, insurances may or may not cover some of the costs. Here are some answers to some common questions about braces.

Am I too old for braces? No. There is no set age limit for braces as long as you have good periodontal health. In fact, there is a trend towards more adults getting braces. A lot of parents are getting braces after seeing their children use them.

How do braces work? In short, braces apply continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction.

Do they hurt? While some people complain of temporary discomfort, braces do not require any anesthesia or heavy medication to administer.

How long do I have to keep them on? This depends on the plan your orthodontists prescribes for you. Typical treatment time can be anywhere from 6 months to 6 years. Of course, following the plan that is prescribed diligently will help for the speediest duration.

What kind of braces does Home Town Dental have? The orthodontists at Home Town Dental will help you choose which of three types of braces are best for you.

  • Brackets: Made of stainless steel or clear or tooth-colored ceramic or plastic, brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth. Ceramic or plastic brackets are often selected for cosmetic reasons. Plastic brackets, however, may become stained and discolored by the end of treatment. Another disadvantage of ceramic or plastic brackets is that they cause more friction between the wire and brackets, which can increase treatment time.
  • Lingual-type brackets: These are brackets that attach to the back of teeth, hiding the bracket from view.
  • Traditional bands: These are the generally outdated “full metal-mouth” look, which consists of the use of metal brackets soldered to metal bands that wrap around each tooth.
  • Have more questions? Ask your Home Town Dental dentist at your next checkup or appointment.