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At HomeTown Dental, we know that dental health is a family affair. That’s why our family dentistry offers a variety of dental care services that can maintain and improve your overall health. Here are some of the ways HomeTown Dental can take care of the whole family.

HomeTown Dental Plan

To ensure every member of your family has access to the dental care they deserve, we offer a HomeTown Dental Plan! This plan not only can be used at all nine of our North Texas locations, but it’s at one affordable price. For $30 every six months, insured patients can receive 20% off all dental treatments. The uninsured patients can get up to a 50% discount on dental treatment each visit.

Aside from our HomeTown Dental Plan, here are some of the dental services we offer that you and your family will love having!

Expert Dental Cleaning

While brushing and flossing twice daily does a lot to maintain your dental health, nothing can be an expert dental cleaning and gum therapy. The American Dental Association recommends that patients should have their teeth cleaned twice a year. During these cleanings, our dental hygienists are also able to properly inspect your teeth and gums to make sure that no cavities or gum disease have developed.


Whether it’s from gum disease or injury to wisdom teeth, HomeTown Dental’s family dentistry can help safely extract a problematic tooth. If you’re worried about the extraction hurting, don’t worry. We use a numbing method that significantly lessens the pain associated with a tooth extraction.

Digital X-rays

Some dental issues can’t be seen by a simple checkup. Some issues can only be seen through x-rays. That’s why HomeTown Dental has digital x-rays so we can quickly and easily take a closer look. Having x-rays can also allow us to see the early warning signs of cavities and gum disease so we can treat them before they become a real problem.

Keep your family’s dental health in good hands, and contact your local HomeTown Dental to get more information on our HomeTown Dental Plan or to schedule your family’s first visit.

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