Nobody wants to hear it, but it’s even worse to be oblivious to it: You have bad breath.

Halitosis, which is just the fancy term for bad breath, affects approximately 1 out of 4 people. 1 out of 4. Think about your friends and your family right now – do any of them have glaringly bad breath? If no one jumps out at you, then odds are, it might be you.

If it is you, don’t freak out! It’s easy to walk around ignorant of the fact that your breath smells so bad that it could peel paint because it’s certainly not easy to break that news to someone. To avoid putting yourself in that situation, it’s imperative to practice good oral hygiene and to maintain regular dentist visits.

What’s Causing my Breath to Smell?

In order to prevent it, it’s good to know what causes bad breath in the first place. Bad breath is often caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria causes inflammation that gives off bad odors. Bad breath can also stem from cavities or gum disease. A poor diet also factors into bad breath. Dehydrating yourself, drinking too much alcohol, and eating sugar-rich foods can all affect your breath.

How to Fight Halitosis or Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene is a major factor in battling bad breath. Dentists recommend brushing and flossing after every meal to avoid bacteria buildup. Some dentists even recommend using an electric toothbrush. This is because electric toothbrushes have timers on them, so it ensures that you are brushing your teeth for a long enough period of time. Additionally, electric toothbrushes remove plaque in a more efficient manner. Antibacterial or antiseptic mouthwash can help prevent cavities and rinse out bacteria as well.

Dentists also recommend snacking on watery foods to naturally rinse out your mouth throughout the day. They recommend fruits and vegetables like raw carrots, celery, or apples. More tips to combat bad breath are staying hydrated and staying away from tobacco products.

You may not realize that you have bad breath at first, but once you know, it’s easy to control! Simple steps like maintaining your oral hygiene can help you keep your breath smelling fresh. Watching your overall health and diet is a factor as well; stay hydrated and eat healthily! If you have more questions about how to turn you Halitosis into Hali-no-sis, your North Texas dentists at HomeTown Dental are always happy to help! Find a HomeTown Dental near you today, and join the family.

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