HomeTown Dental digital dental x-rays

Your teeth are like icebergs – there’s more than meets the eye. Along with all the parts of your teeth that you can see, there’s a whole other part of your mouth that can’t be seen with the human eye. That’s where digital dental X-rays come in! Our dentist in Sherman is going to tell you more about dental X-rays at HomeTown Dental.

Dental X-rays and Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and worried that the X-rays will harm you or your baby, you have nothing to worry about! While traditional X-rays may use higher levels of radiation, our friendly dentist in Sherman uses digital X-rays that use far less radiation. Therefore, it’s completely safe for both mother and child. All that we ask is that you inform your dentist before the procedure and bring a medical release form from your doctor.

Dental X-rays and Pediatric Dentistry

As a parent, you may have some hesitations about letting your child get dental X-rays. However, X-rays are vital for our pediatric dentist to see if your child’s teeth are coming in correctly. As for your older children that are still growing into their adult teeth, X-rays allow us to see if their teeth have signs of genetic bone loss or periodontal disease.

How Often Should You Have Dental X-rays?

Frequency of X-rays is ultimately dependent on what your dentist thinks is best based off of your dental health needs. Generally speaking, it’s advised that you have dental X-rays taken at least once a year. However, your dentist may want to take X-rays after each of your bi-annual (twice a year) visits.

If you’re in need of dental work and want to make sure that the entirety of your mouth is taken care of, contact HomeTown Dental’s dentist in Sherman. We’ll take a close look at your oral health with our digital dental X-rays and answer any questions you may have.

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