HomeTown Dental specializes in tooth extractions.

Sometimes, when a dental problem won’t go away, it’s best to remove a tooth from a patient’s mouth. That’s why our team is happy to help you with tooth extractions when you need them!

Why Do Teeth Need to be Extracted?

HomeTown Dental performs teeth extractions to treat severe gum disease, dental trauma and to prevent future problems associated with overcrowding.

Does it Hurt to Have an Extraction?

HomeTown Dental uses a numbing method that significantly lessens the pain associated with a tooth extraction. We also give our patients a specific healing regiment after we extract a tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that some patients need to have removed. Wisdom teeth are usually removed to avoid future dental problems associated with the alignment of teeth.

We use the latest dental technology when extracting a patient’s tooth. This ensures each dental procedure is done to our very high standard.

Extractor Experts.

No matter the problem, our experts at Town Home Dental, can perfectly extract any tooth. Not only do we provide the service, we also have the quality tools to do so. If there are other solutions our dentists will let you know your options. Don’t wait! If you are having problems and are unsure of the cause, contact HomeTown Dental today!

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Conveniently Located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex
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