Teeth Whitening

When you need teeth whitening, choose HomeTown Dental!

Do you have a big event coming up in the near future? Make sure your smile sparkles! We can make your teeth four to six shades whiter in one hour! HomeTown Dental offers complete teeth whitening to patients.

How Teeth Whitening Works

During an in-office bleaching treatment at HomeTown Dental, a dentist will place gel or a special shield to protect your gums and soft tissue during the whitening process. After the gums have been isolated, the dentist will use a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to whiten your teeth. A special light is aimed at the gel to begin the whitening process.

Don’t Believe The Myths

There’s often a stigma associated with teeth whitening. Even worse there are some myths out there that discourage people from having this simple cosmetic procedure. Check out our blog about uncovering popular myths that surround teeth whitening.

Schedule Teeth Whitening!

HomeTown Dental’s teeth whitening procedure will make your smile shine. Patients can expect their teeth to be anywhere between four and six shades whiter after having this treatment at HomeTown Dental. Call us today at (817) 222- 9900 for a brighter smile!

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