Dental Cleanings and Gum Therapy

HomeTown Dental performs dental cleanings and gum therapy on patients at all nine of our locations.

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? What about your children? 

We, along with the American Dental Association (ADA) recommend patients have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. Dental cleanings are the best way to avoid future oral health problems. It’s especially critical for children to have their teeth cleaned. This ensures they grow up to have a beautiful, healthy smiles.

More than just a cleaning.

Just like when you go for a checkup at the doctor, everytime you go for a cleaning at the dentist you get a pair of professional and educated eyes examining your health. This means they’re monitoring for more than just common problems like cavities but also more dangerous issues such as oral cancer or gum disease. Our dentists are highly trained to spot any issue so, don’t skip out on your next cleaning, your oral health could depend on it. Call us today to get your teeth cleaned and checked!

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At HomeTown Dental we make dental cleanings affordable. We accept Medicaid, Chips and PPO dental insurance. For a full list of insurances we accept click here.

No one should suffer from a dental problem. Let us help you. We will work with your family to make dental cleanings affordable.  We can create a payment plan that works for you!

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    HomeTown Dental Emergency Dental Exams
    HomeTown Dental Emergency Dental Exams
    New Patient Exam
    New Patient Exam

    Includes Exam, Cleaning
    and X-ray

    Retail value $378 some restrictions apply.
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    Hometown Dental Plan
    Hometown Dental Plan

    Discount up to 40% Fees up to
    for uninsured clients!
    We accept Most Insurance Providers!
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