Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Hometown Dental has you covered when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures.


HomeTown Dental uses crowns to help restore damaged teeth. Patients who need to have a dental implant, a cracked tooth covered, or other cosmetic dental issue require crowns. Crowns are also utilized on patients who have large cavities or need a tooth to be reshaped.

Unsure about what kind of cosmetic procedure you’ll need? Check out our blog about what kind of procedure to expect if you have a chipped, broken or cracked tooth.


Just as the name indicates, dental bridges help patients who are missing teeth by bridging gaps of missing teeth. Often times patients who are missing teeth develop chewing and speaking issues. Here at HomeTown Dental, we are dedicated to making sure you can live a normal life with bridges!

Cosmetic dental bridges are artificial teeth that HomeTown Dental uses to fill in the gaps left behind from missing teeth.


Veneers are used to help patients achieve perfect smiles. HomeTown Dental applies veneers on patients with damaged, decayed or crooked teeth. Veneers are custom made shells that look like teeth. Ask your HomeTown Dental dentist if veneers are right for you.

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