Summertime is full of adventure, family, and relaxation, but it can be easy to forget about your regular daily routines. Whether you are home from college or taking time off to be with your family, there is always time for great dental hygiene. To ensure bad habits are not formed over the summer, HomeTown Dental has a few tips in this dental guide.

A Sweet, Sweet Summer

What can be better than an ice cold drink or popsicle on a hot summer evening in Texas? Rather than putting your teeth at risk for cavities, our dentist recommended making your own popsicles with real fruit and drinking water infused with fresh fruit. Check out this blog for more foods that are great for your teeth.  

Create A Routine With This Dental Guide

A perk of being on summer vacation is being able to sleep in and stay up late creating new memories. As a parent, it is important to continue healthy dental hygiene. It is not so much about your child brushing and flossing their teeth at the same time every day, as long as they are doing it for two minutes, twice a day. Creating a new routine early on will make the summer so much sweeter.

Make Your Next Dental Appointment

While all of summer is still ahead of us, it can never be too early to book your or your child’s next check-up before school resumes. By following our dental guide, the whole family will be ready to finish the end of the year on a bight note. It’s best to go ahead and make the appointment now so you can beat the August rush.

There’s no reason this summer shouldn’t be filled with cavity-free, happy smiles from the whole family. Contact your local HomeTown Dental today to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist or dental hygienist.

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