Cosmetic Dentistry from Alliance Dentist

Have you noticed broken, missing or discolored teeth that you are interested in correcting? Looks like you are in need of some cosmetic dentistry from a trusted Alliance dentist. HomeTown Dental in North Fort Worth near the Alliance Airport knows how to correct your teeth when they aren’t looking their best. Here are the cosmetic dentistry services offered by your Alliance dentist at HomeTown Dental.


The most common form of cosmetic dentistry is undeniably crowns. These are essentially little caps placed over broken or cracked teeth to strengthen your bite and improve the look of your smile. Crowns can also be helpful in cases where patients have large cavities or misshapen teeth.


When you have two or more teeth missing in a row, you are in need of a bridge. As the name suggests, this cosmetic dentistry tool bridges together gaps between teeth. Patients who are missing one or more teeth in a row will often develop speaking or chewing problems. Bridges can help restore balance to a mouth with missing teeth.


People with multiple decaying, discolored or fractured teeth will often resort to having veneers placed on their teeth. While this procedure can greatly strengthen your teeth and improve their color, there are some downfalls as well. Veneers are completely irreversible, so ask your dentist if they believe this is the right choice for your mouth before making any decisions.

Whether you’re trying to improve your smile or strengthen your teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be the right option for you. Also known as restorative dentistry, these three procedures will help restore your damaged teeth to their former glory. Have any questions regarding cosmetic dentistry? Give us a call or schedule an appointment with your local Alliance dentist at HomeTown Dental today!

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