As we move into the colder months of the year, Coronavirus prevention processes are going to keep everyone safe. At HomeTown Dental, you can rest assured that our team is taking care of you every step of the way. We want you to feel as safe as you are at home, and we’re making sure that all of our COVID-19 procedures are followed every day. Here are the HomeTown Dental Coronavirus prevention best practices:

What new cleaning and PPE measures have been put in place since Coronavirus?

All staff must wear complete PPE gear (goggles, face shields, gloves, gowns as required by the CDC) while working and while cleaning. Cleaning is routinely done, and sterilization is completed after every patient.  


How is the exam room prepared/cleaned in between patients?

Rooms are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected with ADA recommended products to kill the Covid 19 Virus and new barriers are put in place after every patient. All patients are required to use an oral rinse and sanitize hands at our sanitation station before entering rooms. Any paperwork that needs to be completed is done in the patient room. Patients are not allowed out of their room until they complete their visit and are escorted out of the front door.


What are you implementing for dental infection control? Are patients required to wait outside in their car, or are they allowed to sit in the lobby if they pass the screening?

Patients are asked screening questions when making an initial appointment. Anyone arriving for an appointment is required to wear a mask. Patients are required to call the office when they arrive for their appointment. Screening questions are asked upon arrival, and temperatures are taken before letting the patient back into the sterilized station and sterilized room.


How is HomeTown Dental creating a safe comforting environment dental office for workplace safety to make sure the team and patients are safe?

All staff and patients are required to get their temperature taken. The team is also required to complete a questionnaire every day, and a log is kept. Staff is required to wear extra smocks and face masks/face shields as well.


What measures are in place for the team and patient to encourage social distancing during a visit?

There is a limit of 2 people allowed in the lobby at any given time. Also, there is a limit of 2 people allowed in the room, including the patient. No one is allowed in the hallways and must remain in their room the entire visit. All paperwork and appointments are completed in the rooms. When the patient’s visit is complete, they are walked out by the assistant to avoid any contamination, and all handles and doorknobs are sanitized. 


With all of these procedures in place, we know that our patients at HomeTown Dental will feel comfortable even during Coronavirus. Our Coronavirus preventative measures keep our patients and our team safe so we can focus on providing the care our happy customers need. Are you looking for a dentist in Irving or a dentist in Fort Worth? Contact us today to schedule your next appointment for HomeTown Dental Irving or HomeTown Dental Fort Worth.


Photo Sourced from HomeTown Dental