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Those Halloween costumes and decorations may give you a fright, but the real horror is what all that Halloween candy is doing to your kid’s teeth. Have no fear! Your Irving pediatric dentist at HomeTown Dental is here to help you know which Halloween candy is the best and the worst.

The “Best”

We’re only calling these the “best” because while they still aren’t truly great for your teeth, they’re certainly the lesser of the evils.

Plain Chocolate

Of all the Halloween candy, chocolate is one of the safest for your teeth. It’s by far the easiest candy to wash off your teeth, making it much less destructive on enamel than the candies you’ll see further down the list. While milk chocolate is good, you can do one better by your teeth with dark chocolate as it actually contains flavonoids and naturally occurring chemicals that have been proven to slow tooth decay and reduce bad breath!

Candy Bars with Nuts

This one is a little tricky because the ingredients in regular candy bars can be very sticky and damaging to teeth. However, candy bars with nuts in them can, surprisingly, be beneficial. The nuts help to break up the stickiness of the candy and makes it much harder for sugar to be left on teeth.

The Worst

As you can imagine, all of this Halloween candy is the stuff of nightmares for teeth.

Hard Candy

Bringing double trouble, hard candy can really do a number on your child’s teeth. Whether they’re chomping down on them in seconds or letting them dissolve in their mouth, hard candies are just bad news. Biting into them presents the possibility of chipping, cracking or breaking a tooth, and letting them slowly dissolve means their teeth are essentially taking a bath in cavity-inducing sugar.

Sticky Candy

Who doesn’t love snacking on a gummy bear or taffy? It’s too bad that they’re downright awful for your teeth. It’s virtually impossible to eat these sweet treats without getting it stuck in your teeth, and then it’s so hard getting off your teeth. Wherever on or in between your teeth these gummy remnants stick, they’re creating a laser-focused hot spot for a cavity to form.

Sour Candy

All sour candy is either hard or gummy, so it’s best to just avoid it as much as possible. Along with the dangers that hard and sticky candy brings, sour candy is also quite acidic. The exposure to these highly acidic and sugary candies make your child all too susceptible to cavities and gum disease. Don’t be a sucker. Avoid the Halloween candy that makes you pucker.

Don’t let your kid’s teeth be haunted by all that Halloween candy. Schedule a post-Halloween dental cleaning with your Irving pediatric dentist, and rest easy knowing there aren’t any cavity monsters running rampant in their smile.

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