This Thanksgiving, while sitting around the table with family and reminding each other what you are grateful for, you may be stuffing your face with delicious food and thinking about how it affects your waistline. But do you ever wonder what effects it might have on your teeth? Here is the best Thanksgiving food that is tooth-friendly from your HomeTown Dental team in Lake Worth: 


The Best Thanksgiving Food– Turkey

It turns out the star of the meal is the best for your teeth since it’s high in protein and low in fat. Turkey has calcium and Vitamin D, which help keep teeth and bones healthy. They also help prevent periodontal disease and help repair damaged gum tissue. It seems the only downside to turkey is it can get caught in your teeth, so don’t forget to floss!


Sweet Potatoes Are Great for Teeth

While sweet potatoes may be one of the best-tasting vegetables on your plate, they are also great when it comes to dental health. At the heart of every sweet potato dish is a vitamin-packed starch low in fat and high in nutritional value, which is great for preventing diseases like gingivitis and decreasing bone loss.


Nutrient-Rich Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is a staple on the Thanksgiving table. Cranberries are rich in nutrients,   including vitamins C and A, beta-carotene and potassium, among others. They even help prevent plaque. The best part of making it yourself is you can control the amount of sugar that goes into it and reducing sugar even a little goes a long way.


Fight Cavities with Carrots

Carrots are packed with fiber and vitamins A and B, making them great for saliva production and flow. This increase in saliva can kill bacteria that not only re-emboldens your teeth, but it also keeps your teeth clear of cavities too. Our favorite way to enjoy these veggies is to simply roast them for a delicious and healthy option to pair with your other Thanksgiving dishes.


The Raw Strength of Onions

Onions contain antibacterial compounds that can strengthen your gums and teeth and help eliminate any lingering bacteria in your mouth. Raw onions are the best for this purpose, and we know they will show up in some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes!


If you want to learn about more foods that are good for your teeth, click here. Schedule your post-Thanksgiving cleaning appointment today to make sure you aren’t saving any leftovers and to utilize your dental health benefits before the new year! 

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