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With the end of summer in our sight, now is the perfect time to get all of your child’s dental work out of the way! HomeTown Dental has got your needs covered when it comes to back to school dental services!

Dental Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned regularly is much more than maintaining the appearance of your teeth, it’s a checkup for your teeth! Our professional North Texas dentists will examine your child’s mouth and check for common issues like cavities, or even more serious problems such as gum disease. Getting your child’s dental cleaning out of the way before school starts is ideal, so they won’t have to miss any of their classes during the school year!

Teeth Whitening

Is your child nervous about looking good on picture day or simply wants to start the new school year off with an extra bright smile? Luckily for them, HomeTown Dental offers professional teeth whitening services! The process is simple, and HomeTown Dental can make your child’s smile 4 – 6 shades lighter in an hour.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your child is needing to get their wisdom teeth removed, be sure you do it sooner rather than later! Recovery from wisdom teeth removal can take up to two weeks depending on the development of your child’s wisdom teeth. At HomeTown Dental, we make sure we’re using the most current dental technology, so we can uphold our high standards of dental care and make your child’s recovery a quick one! Rather than get this procedure done during the hectic school year, schedule their wisdom teeth removal in the summer while they have plenty of time to recover!

HomeTown Dental has the entire family covered when it comes to dental services with 9 dental offices throughout North Texas. If you or your child are in need of dental care from a trusted North Texas dentist, find a location near you and schedule an appointment!