Are you looking for an affordable dental insurance plan? At HomeTown Dental, we know how expensive dental appointments can get. But rest assured, our team is committed to giving you the high-quality dental experience you and your family need! These are the things to consider and ways to find affordable dental insurance through HomeTown Dental Alliance


Options for Affordable Dental Coverage

If you don’t have dental coverage, don’t let that stop you from visiting the dentist! Everyone doesn’t have an employer who offers health benefits, and we can help you find numerous resources to get the coverage you need. Here are a few options:


HomeTown Dental “Out-of-Pocket” Program 

Being your family dentist, we have your best interest at heart! The HomeTown Dental Plan offers fantastic deals for all of our patients every year. We offer savings and the option to pay “out-of-pocket” through our flexible spending program. Next time you call to make an appointment, ask one of our friendly team members about a CareCredit application to get started on our Flex Plan!


Use Your Dental Insurance Often and Always

Whether or not our patients have coverage, we always work with our patients to make sure they get the care they need to prevent any health issues from happening in the future. Preventative care should always be a priority, even if you feel like you’re in good health. We want all our patients to know that we’re here for them, and we’re here to give them exceptional care for an affordable cost. 


The best dental insurance is a lot easier to obtain than you may think! Our friendly team in Alliance is here to make sure that you understand your dental benefits and that you’re covered no matter what situation you’re in. Don’t let the absence of dental insurance get in the way of your family’s health. For questions about the HomeTown Dental Flex Plan or any questions regarding benefits, contact us today! 

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