The health of your teeth can depend on more than just how well you take care of them, what you eat is also an important component. Sugary sweets are not the best choice of foods for healthy teeth. If you eat only sugar, soda, and acidic foods, the chance of you having cavities and tooth decay increases significantly. Did you know there are foods that you can eat each day that will increase your overall dental health? HomeTown Dental is here to help you protect your teeth and give you some tips on what foods are good for your teeth.

More Cheese Please

If you love cheese, then you’re in luck. According to a study published in EurekAlert!, eating cheese raised the pH level in the test subjects’ mouths, lowering the risk of tooth decay. The saliva produced while chewing cheese is what lowers the overall pH levels. Cheese is also a great source of calcium and protein. These two nutrients are vital for your tooths enamel to stay strong and healthy.

Leafy Greens

This food should come as no surprise to anyone because of all of the vitamins and minerals packed into leafy greens.  Kale and spinach are high in calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B, keeping your teeth strong and able to fight off anything harmful. If you do not like the taste, a great way to hide it is to throw a handful of each leafy green into your smoothie. Even if you mask the flavor in your smoothie, you’ll still receive all of the dental health benefits.

Sweet Fruits

While we keep saying to stay away from sweets, natural sweets are the exception to this rule. Fruits such as apples and raisins can be good for you, in moderation, because they do more good than harm. Apples are high in fiber and water, which produces saliva. The saliva created can aid in rinsing away bacteria and leftover food. The rough texture of the apple also stimulates your gums, helping to prevent gum disease. Raisins, on the other hand, are naturally sweet and contain phytochemicals. This compound found in raisins may kill cavity-causing plaque bacteria on the teeth.

While all of these foods can help prevent cavities and gum disease, it is still important to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. If you have any questions or need cavities filled, contact HomeTown Dental to make an appointment today.


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