It’s time to get the kids ready to go back back to school. But does your preparation include oral care? HomeTown Dental has a few dental tips for kids to include in their back to school routine!

Eating Healthy

It is a well-known fact that sugary foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. Especially dark sodas can wear down enamel and stain teeth. A great way to start good eating habits is to pack healthy lunches for school. Eating healthy will keep both their teeth and bodies full of energy and healthier than ever. Yogurt, vegetables, and cheese are a few healthy ideas that will help make your kid’s teeth strong and cavity-free. If packing a lunch isn’t an option, make sure your child is educated on the healthy options their school offers to buy.

Mouth Protection

School athletics and sports are a staple in many kids school years. If this is the case for you, it is important that they wear a mouth guard that fits them correctly. A mouth guard will protect them from chipped or even broken teeth upon impact.

Good Daily Habits

Getting back into a daily routine starts in the bathroom with brushing your teeth. Helping your child reestablish good habits is important for their oral health. Make sure your child brushes at least twice a day and doesn’t skip flossing.

Even if you follow all of our dental tips for kids, it is still important to visit your local HomeTown Dental regularly. Out dentists can point out impurities in your teeth you may not be able to see and provide a more in-depth cleaning than you can do at home. It’s not too late to schedule an appointment with HomeTown Dental before summer ends!

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