dental health tips

Well here we are. The year is just about up, and as your North Texas dentist, HomeTown Dental has shared quite a few dental health tips! From our blogs and newly added Smarter Smiles section, we’ve worked hard to keep you and your family informed about all the best DFW dental services and dental health tips. Let’s do a quick recap of some of the best from 2017.

We Gave You Smarter Smiles

As we continue to push to further the education of the families that trust HomeTown Dental with their dental health, we decided to add a new section to our website entitled Smarter Smiles. Throughout this year, we’ve worked to provide you with a well of dental health terms. Keep looking for our updates to this new page to become knowledgeable about some of the most common dental terms such as sensitive teeth, baby bottle tooth decay, diabetes and so much more!

All Our DFW Dental Services

This year we also talked more and more about HomeTown Dental’s many great dental services. We covered everything from our cosmetic dentistry in Irving to our Fort Worth dental cleanings. Virtually regardless of what your dental health issue may be, HomeTown Dental can take care of it. That’s just part of being such a highly trusted North Texas dentist.

Plenty of Dental Health Tips for Tools and Equipment

Aside from starting a new educational section on our website and continuing our great dental services, we also shared plenty of tips when it comes to your tools and equipment that help you achieve exceptional dental health. We told you everything about toothbrushes like the bad habits you should’ve ended this year, a guide to picking the right toothbrush and even reviewed the basics of toothbrush care.

With this year, as we have since we opened our first office opened, HomeTown Dental has worked tirelessly to ensure that you and your family have beautiful, healthy smiles. If you’d like to get the new year kicked off right, then contact your local HomeTown Dental today to schedule a dental checkup with one of our North Texas dentists.

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